Social Media and OSINT

Rappaport Consulting LLC provides open-source intelligence research and analysis for our law firms clients. We can dig deep on individuals, businesses, and networks to discern linkages and patterns. We assess a range of data to include on social media, business records, criminal history, and previous civil litigation. We use specialized databases and software programs requiring a Private Investigator license, to conduct exhaustive searches on all available records.

We aim to uncover connections that are buried deep and not readily apparent, so that our clients are equipped with the information they need to make the most well-informed decisions.

Our research can help support or refute claims in legal cases. It may also allow our clients to identity potential risks and vulnerabilities that might affect case strategies.

We conduct our open-source intelligence investigations within the bounds of the law, ensuring that the evidence gathered is admissible in court, and the investigation
respects privacy and ethical standards.

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