Fire, Arson, and Explosion Investigations

A comprehensive and detailed scene investigation is necessary to determine the origin and cause of a fire. A systematic approach and the scientific method are both utilized by Rappaport Consulting LLCĀ  to conduct the scene exam and ensuing investigation. Industry standards including NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations and NFPA 1033 Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator are consistently followed.

Mr. Rappaport has investigated over 2,500 fires of various kinds, including accidental, natural, and incendiary causes. He is very familiar with both arson caused fires as well as unintentional ones. Moreover, he utilizes his training and experience to determine the root cause of the fire, and also the contributing factors involved with ignition. He has attained the designation of Master Certified Fire Investigator (MCFI) through the California Conference of Arson Investigators. This certification illustrates his education, experience, and commitment to the
fire investigation industry.

Rappaport Consulting LLC frequently investigates the origin and cause of fires and explosions involving residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We are also proficient with investigating wildland fires of various causes. Moreover, many clients retain us to investigate fires that involve serious injuries or fatalities.

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