Litigation/Case Review and Analysis

Several of our cases involve assistance to attorneys that begin at the fire scene and end in the courtroom. Often, we are retained during the pre-litigation phase in order to identify subrogation potential and liability issues. Review of the fire scene, reports, and photographs allow for development of initial opinions of the overall case.

After initial review of the merits of the case, additional information and documents may be requested for further assessment. As required, other subject matter experts may be utilized to assist with the case.

Frequently, our clients retain us when the case has progressed near the point of expert designation. A full review of the details of the case, including all discovery documents will allow us to develop opinions that may be used at deposition and trial. Analysis of the case will allow us to present both the strong and weak areas. Our goal is to offer the most accurate information so that the client may make the best decisions for the case.

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